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Follow by the finished print and the puzzle, or follow the graphic solution to assemble. Please be aware of pressure while combining the small parts.

This is to inspire curiosity of children and adult, bring up children’s interest to learn, to improve the hand making and analysis skills, matched requirements with the world environmental protection. Our idea has combined educational, outstanding and fun together in one.

The company production of a simulation model is now the international popular toys. Main material is made of high quality wood, fine workmanship, safety and reliability, a wide variety choice. We can satisfied various types of customer’s demands, can also produce sample of others. Batch production (OEM); and the design implementation of  concepts for market assessment and other business.

After years of export and domestic sales experience, we have accumulated a lot of customers from different groups, we have regional sales agent, cooperative sales and retail sales and other ways of development provided to customers. Many consumers agree with our products, but as long as there are competitions from agents produce fake products, we apply for a design patentMany consumers agree with our products, but as long as there are competitions from agents produce fake products, we will apply for a  design patent protection product vitality, in addition to take continue to launch new products to deal with.

Unlimited fun

DIY assembly model and toys, to enjoy lots of fun during production process, also allow children to have great sense of achievement...

Explore logical skills

Compared with the traditional toys, high simulation of three-dimensional assembled has more challenge, can stimulate you the logical thinking and spatial imagination...

Cooperation with others

Parents can accompany their kids to assemble, enhance the interaction of parent-child relationship; students, friends, colleagues and lovers can assemble various fun models together...

Use wisdom to seek win-win development space, the implementation of standardized management innovation mechanism, build a kind to accommodate a variety of sound environment, the pursuit of personal dream of creating the miracle of sea-land.

The enterprise culture is based on "real""novelty”,” faith" ,"explore" and ritual" and other core values, "loyal, friendly, hard-working, enterprising";spirit of enterprise, to "talk less, do more real work" pragmatic work attitude,thus forming the outer extension culture and realistic restrained, and closely combining the actual situation of reform and opening up. Aroundcontemporary humanist construction harmonious society and to globalization trend hasAround contemporary humanist construction harmonious society and to globalization trend has a "Sea-Land" characteristics

Always believe that, only has the core technology of thenterprise,can be as strong competitors in the international market to gain a foothold and breakthrough,can be called the world famous brand. As a professional toy production enterprises,Sea-landshould not only ahead of competitors in sales and sales, more to leading-edge research and development in technology. Only the independent core technology,have the initiative to competition.







Founded in 1996 October (the predecessor of Guangzhou Sea-Land Toys Co.,Ltd .After nearly twenty years of hard work. From the original only one workshop to develop into a thirty thousand square meters of production and storage space, set to develop their own products and processing, and other economic ...
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